well-lit by Laws.
In the Chapter Assembly we had among us Sr. Tiziana Merletti, FDP who is an expert in Canon Law and is engaged counseling for Consecrated Women, formation for Leadership and for the Protection of Minors and vulnerable adults.


other Chiara Lorenzato, President of the Chapter, introduced Sr. Tiziana to the assembly apprising her with our Chapter journey so far. Her interactions gave us capitulars ample space for dialogue on various topics with reference to our questions, doubts and clarifications on Laws proper to the Institute in tune with the Cannon Law that is necessary to enlighten our study of the General Constitutions, Complimentary Norms, Statutes of the General Chapter and various others matters pertaining to our life as Clarist Franciscan Missionaries of the Most Blessed Sacrament. All were certainly enriched with greater understanding of various juridical terms besides updating on various challenges facing the world of consecrated life today. It will surely be of great help in our discernment and decision making process for the common good of our beloved religious family.


Even if the day was cool with sporadic showers in the EXTERNAL FORO, we were quite warmed up in the INTERNAL FORO with much listening, dialogue, interactions on various urgent, essential and sensitive subject matters that really required at the moment the accompaniment of a person like Sr. Tiziana. Thanks be to God we had this day with her and we continue in our effort to live the Chapter, with a bit more of insight and communion in our synodal journey.