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 “I have set apart everything for mission in foreign lands, preferably in the most perilous and forsaken places”
(M. Seraphina, lett. 153)


“Jesus Christ who wished to be born in a manger, lived in a hut, died on the tough wood of the cross, wanted a Cenacle – large, beautiful and decked – to institute the Mystery, and left himself to us on that night wherein one betrayed him, another denied him … and all the rest left him… Oh, had Peter remembered about receiving Jesus into his heart, he would never have denied him… This is the fruit of Holy Communion, of remote preparation. Remember throughout the day of having received the Mystery. I Carry the Mysteries!”

(08.06.1898: Cir. Let.4)

Holy hour: the badge and hallmark

 “The Holy Hour is the tribute that we, the sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, pay to our Celestial Spouse enclosed in the ciborium. It is the hallmark of our Institute”…. “Oh, how sweetly ascend the prayers and sighs to the heart of God in the silence of the night! They bring peace to the world, comfort to the afflicted and conversion to sinners. It is a marvelous blend of the contemplative and active life such that the latter is not deprived of the sweetness of the former, which accompanies and perfects every act of the other.” “If the seal and hallmark of our Institute is the devotion to the most Blessed Sacrament, I would like to see this God of Love exposed every day and all honour and glory paid to him, because to me the adoration of the Holy Mysteries is a natural need of the heart. To enjoy on earth, the delight of Paradise, with the sole difference that here we contemplate him under a dense fog, whereas in Paradise in the fullness of his glory…” (Practical Guide)

Living in chastity, poverty and obbedience

“As Jesus Christ continuously immolates himself and lives in the tabernacle as sacrificial victim, so too the CFMSS should offer herself as a victim to her Celestial Spouse and make an irrevocable solemn sacrifice of her whole being to him with the triple vows of poverty, obedience and chastity. By the vow of poverty she renounces all that she possesses and may possess in future, and as a poor mendicant receives in charity the necessities of life from the Congregation. By the vow of obedience she sacrifices her self-will – the inestimable God-given gift of freedom. Henceforth, nothing exists for her but the will of her heavenly Spouse, in doing which she finds all her delight. By the vow of chastity she consecrates her soul, heart and body to Jesus Christ. With such consecration her whole being becomes solely and totally of God, which she has to respect and preserve as not her person. In a word, with the vows one sacrifices what one has, what one is and what one can. Whoever grasps the essence of this consecration can see that she certainly offers herself as a sacrifice along with the Eucharistic Lord… O my Jesus, make these handmaids of yours to grasp the preciousness of this triple sacrifice.”

AGCFM, Il segreto della mia santificazione, c. IV, 4 – 5

In his will…our consolation

“We should be indifferent to everything except His Love…; we should win over ourselves, overcome certain things in order to fulfill God’s will… We should often repeat: ‘Show us your will, O Lord, and give us your grace to accomplish it’.”

“To know God’s will is to follow it;  our sanctification lies in  it…”

“My spirit yearns for God, but it seems Jesus isn’t happy with me… I need to pray… always in search of him… always the will to have him alone and to renounce everything… that is not of Jesus. Jesus, Jesus… to atone, to love. Show me what I am, so that I make myself less unworthy of you. Atonement, love….”

“All perfection lies in doing God’s will and in allowing Him to accomplish His will in us.”